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Save More: Make Your Insurance as Smart as Your Home

Making our homes smarter is all about the convenience of technology when helping us with every day things.  Technology as simple as a smart doorbell can help with something as complex as parenting.  But is it simply the convenience factor that is making it so popular?  Anything that saves us time will make us happy.  But now that this technology is becoming mainstream, it is the saving of cold, hard cash that will get everyone really excited.

Sure, a smart thermostat and automated lights can shave a few dollars off your energy bill, but the true savings lie elsewhere.  What if your water leak sensor notified you about a flood in your basement as soon as it started?  That would save you from getting home from work to find a swimming pool with all your valuables under a few inches of water.  Or how about a smart smoke detector could notify the fire department right away?  A smart home may not be able to prevent disaster like The Robot from Lost in Space just yet, but it will certainly help lessen your losses.  That means savings for you when you need it the most.  Plus, letting your insurance know you’ve installed flood sensors, smart smoke detectors or a home security system will likely result in a discount on your home insurance premium.

Getting your life back to where it was before a loss is what insurance is all about and if your insurer knows you are actively trying to reduce the risks within your home, they will pass their savings onto you.  Your Real Insurance broker is a great person to ask if you want to know how increasing your home’s IQ can save you money on insurance, email us at info@josslin.com or call us at 1-888-567-7546. We’re here to help. 

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