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Digital Proof of Insurance now Legal in Ontario 

What’s the first thing the officer asks you for when they pull you over? …After the obvious “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
From roadside stops to accident reporting and day-to-day driving, you’re required to always keep a current copy of your proof of insurance in your car which can be a pain since most of us only think of our proof of insurance twice, when it arrives with your policy…and when you need it.

Luckily, the Ontario government has now made electronic proof of insurance legal, which means that you can now keep a copy of it on your phone instead of your glove box. If you want to lend your car to someone, you can just send them a copy!  Just make sure that your proof of insurance is accessible. No cracked screen, have it stored on your phone (in case you don’t have a signal), and keep your phone charged.

Insurance companies will be providing customers with the option to receive e-pink slips over the course of the next year. Better yet, if you’re already a Josslin client, you already have access to your digital liability slip with their Real Insurance App. 

Not only does the Real Insurance App keep a current copy of your liability slip, it also stores all of your personal insurance policies, shows you how to lock your phone screen to your liability slip for privacy, and has an easy-to-use accident recording and reporting function that helps you record and store important details of an accident scene and securely sends them to your broker.

“This is a great development,” says Josslin Insurance co-owner, Scott Wagler, “Brokers and insurance customers have been asking law enforcement to recognize electronic pink slips for years and it’s great that we finally have that. It makes sense, we get calls all the time asking us to re-send liability slips because they’re easy to lose or forget about, but chances are, you always have your phone with you.”

In addition to providing car insurance (and a handy way of accessing it), Josslin Insurance also provides insurance for your home, business, farm, life and disability. They have offices in New Hamburg, Wellesley, Tavistock, Elmira, Kitchener and Cambridge and are looking forward to celebrating their 140th business anniversary next year, with 45 of those years owned and managed by the same family.

If you have any questions about your insurance or want to know more about electronic proof of insurance talk to a broker, we’re here to help! Reach us at www.josslin.com or 519-662-1644.

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