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Congratulations to Jane Yensen, our Friends and Family Referral Contest Winner!


Thanks to everyone who participated, we received a number of submissions from clients who wanted to give their friends and family the same peace of mind that they have with their car and home insurance. When we spoke with Jane about why she entered, she said “It’s not even a question of there being a contest, it’s year ‘round because I trust you guys, especially Verna (my broker), and if I can give that to someone else, I’m happy to do it.”

Jane’s been a client of ours for nearly three years and feels comfortable calling her broker for any questions she might have about her insurance. “It’s great to have a broker like Verna who is able to tell me what I need to know about my insurance.”

>When asked what she was going to do with her winnings, Jane said that she was very lucky that she’d won given that her phone had died and the forecast was still calling for more freezing rain. “ I think that buying a new phone will be the first thing I take care of.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated, and encourage you to Follow us on Facebook to find out about more contests we’ll he holding this year, and to find out what we’re doing in your community.


Josslin Insurance Brokers would like to congratulate Jane Yensen on winning our Friends and family Referral Contest!