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Waterloo Regional Police launch their Lock it or Lose it Campaign

Waterloo Region, ON – The Waterloo Regional Police Service will take on a new approach to crime prevention this week with the launch of a unique holiday video that reminds residents to lock their vehicles and hide their belongings.

The campaign, which complements the Service’s ongoing Lock It or Lose It education program, provides a timely and musical reminder to safeguard cars and valuables during the holiday season.

“Every year we continue to see increases in thefts from vehicles and we are hopeful that by providing our message in an entertaining way, we will gain our community’s attention and see fewer victims in these next few weeks and beyond.” said Chief Matt Torigian.

So far in 2012, approximately 2,763 thefts from vehicles have been reported to Waterloo Regional Police. On a monthly basis, the statistics hit an all-time high this year with more than 400 incidents occurring in Waterloo Region throughout the month of July alone.

Chief Torigian continued, “We have reached a point where we need to address this on a larger scale and the first step is crime prevention.”

The holiday shopping season provides greater opportunity for thefts of valuables from vehicles and can be especially upsetting to victims. Every theft from a vehicle also draws from police resources. To support police efficiency, the Service recently launched Online Reporting which includes thefts from vehicles, damage/mischief to vehicle, damage/mischief to property, lost property, and theft (total value for each must be under $5000).

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is committed to crime prevention, law enforcement and community partnership in order to improve community safety and support the highest quality of life for all people. Community members can view the video online and are invited to spread the message by sharing it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Click here to view the original article on the WRPS website.