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Kate’s Kause makes it to the Semi-Finals!

Round 1 of voting for the Aviva Community Fund is over and we’re happy to announce that our project, Kate’s Kause -All Inclusive Playground, has won the first round and been voted through to the Semi Finals!

What Happens Next?

We wait for the semi-final voting. It starts December 5th, and we each vote every day until the semi-finals close on December 16th. If we have enough votes to stay in the top 30 after the semi-finals, Kate’s Kause goes before the Judges, who decide how to award the $1 million based on how each of the projects meet the criteria of the contest. Projects will be judged on: Impact, Likelihood of Success, Longevity & Sustainability, Originality and Submission Quality. Kate’s Kause meets all of these criteria, so we’re very optimistic that it will do well once it makes it through the Semi Finals. We’ll be sure to post a reminder when the semi-final voting opens up, and provide you with updates to keep you motivated.

A Little More About Kate’s Kause

As anyone from the Elmira office can tell you, Kate’s Kause isn’t just an Aviva initiative, Kelly Meissner (Kate’s mother) has been working tirelessly for the past two years to raise funds for this playground for children of all abilities, and the whole community of Elmira has rallied around the cause. MP Harold Albrecht has even adopted the cause, even posting the link to voting on his facebook page! If Kate’s Kause wins the semi finals, disabled children in Elmira could have a local playground before the end of 2012, and that would be a great thing to be a part of. You can learn more about Kate’s Kause at their website http://www.kateskause.com/.

Thanks again for your votes, now we’ll just have to do it again at the semi-finals!