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Kate's Kause in the Semi-Finals


For those of you who don’t know about Kate Meissner, she’s a happy, delightful toddler with an infectious laugh and contagious spirit who lives in Elmira. She also has Angelman Syndrome which means she’s developmentally challenged. Kate’s Kause was founded in an effort to raise funds to build a playground that Kate can use to help her develop like a normal child through play and interaction with other children in a playground environment.

They’ve already received a groundswell of community support, and raised $170,000 in addition to recently winning $60,000 from the Together We Play Foundation. But this type of equipment and its upkeep isn’t cheap and they still have a fair amount to raise before they can realize their dream, which is why we’ve chosen to support Kate’s Kause in the Aviva Community Fund.


We’ve already made it through the first round to the semi-finals, and voting is from December 5 – 16. That’s only 12 days! If we are able to stay in the top 30, we’ll make it through to the Judges round. You don’t have to be an insurance broker to vote, so tell your family, tell your friends, go on the Aviva Community Fund website and read more about Kate, but most of all, vote. Every day. And someday soon, Kate and children like her won’t have to drive nearly 40 minutes to Guelph just to play at the park with her friends.

Like Kate’s Kause on Facebook Here.

Visit Kate’s kause on the Aviva Community Fund Website Here.