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Don’t let your car catch a cold!

You’ve noticed it – your daylight drive home is now a moonlight trip, you’re turning on the heat and your windows are rolled up. With the season’s cold temperatures and flurries on the way, drivers need to prepare their vehicles to safely navigate their families through the colder months.

Surprisingly, Canada’s winter weather still catches drivers unprepared. According to historical data from Aviva Canada, customer claims increase by an average of over 38 per cent during the winter months compared to the rest of the year. The first snowfall of the year historically accounts for the highest instance of collisions.

“Driving in the winter months puts different pressures on your vehicle, with ice, snow and extreme temperatures challenging your car,” said Mauro Convertini, insurance expert from Aviva Canada. “The best trick for drivers is to gear up their cars for the winter months before the winter weather hits.”

Mauro offers Canadian drivers these tips to get vehicles winter-ready before the first snowfall:

  • Check your tire pressure: Tire pressures drops more quickly in cold weather, so top up your tires often to prevent sliding.
  • Install snow tires: Snow tires, which are legally required in Quebec, improve traction with more aggressive tread, allowing them to safely power a car through slippery snow.
  • Have an emergency kit ready: Store an emergency kit including a flashlight, first aid kit, warm clothing and blankets, road salt, shovel, scraper, emergency food supply and bottled water.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to approach the upcoming elements with caution as you safely steer your way through the Canadian colder months.